Keeping your Bitcoins safe

Keeping your Bitcoins safe

The Treasury of the United States of America has Fort Knox to store all the Gold we have and need to have a 24 x 7, round the clock security detail with all the sophisticated technologically advanced surveillance apparatus to ensure that no one comes sneaking at night and stealing all this Gold.

Bitcoins are more secure than all the Gold at Fort Knox because nobody can steal physically what you hold as they are all in the digital systems and getting to it is impossible.

Fort Knox may not be secure because “Goldfinger” the famous “James Bond” movie villain tried to steal all the Gold at Fort Knox in that 1960’s movie and failed, the audacity is that he tried.

But unlike Fort Knox all the value of Gold at Fort Knox can be carried by you, in your Bitcoin wallet it is just that simple and you need not have the security detail at Fort Knox following you.

Bitcoin  wallets

All your Bitcoins can be carried around by your in you mobile device or kept at home well secured in your desktop and can be transacted instantly as and when you want to do so.

Bitcoins could also be in your desktop hence the opportunities to keep your Bitcoins are ample and you only have to decide where you would want to leave them secure till you need them to pay for a transaction or pay for anything that you may buy.

You could also buy Bitcoins and sell Bitcoins just like any individual or bank in the world is doing, they are just making money by selling money.

Bitcoins held by you in desktop wallets could do the same thing for you, and increase your investments when you buy Bitcoins and it would keep them secure without information to anyone and then when you want to sell Bitcoins it would do whatever is required in a very secure environment.

If you are a frequent traveler you would not be able to carry your desktop around and it is just a matter of split seconds that you transfer the Bitcoins you need onto your mobile wallets and have the freedom to whatever you would want to.

Whilst traveling you could also find the time to enhance your investment opportunities and decide to either sell Bitcoins or buy Bitcoins as you could always see how the Bitcoin markets around the world are behaving and then make the right moves to increase your investments.

You could also opt for online wallets which has the advantage of giving you access to your Bitcoins wherever you may be. The online wallet would be on the Internet but on different web pages but with easy access to you.

Even with the online wallet you have the same flexibility to sell Bitcoins and buy Bitcoins as when you please and through it great opportunities of enhancing your digital assets.

Another way that you could keep your Bitcoins secure is by storing them in your hardware wallets, which though are still sparingly used is an important mode of keeping Bitcoins if and when you decide to sell Bitcoins or buy Bitcoins.

One of the cheapest and most popular methods of keeping your Bitcoins is in paper wallets that you could get from several sites that offer their services.

Whilst these are very secure they are also offered at very attractive and reasonable cost with very severe but healthy competition prevailing among those sites that offer this service to those who need to keep their Bitcoins.

Bitcoins could be the future and investing in them now would be a very prudent move in the right direction.