How did Dash become one of the most prominent cryptocurrencies?

How did Dash become one of the most prominent cryptocurrencies?

The strategic name change to DASH had instant success which saw 1.9 million coins being mined within the first two days which its creator Evan Duffield attributed to the bug that was created when the other cryptocurrency Litecoin code was forked, to create DASH.

This was identified as an incorrect value that was initiated by error to create DASH, and Evan Duffield offered to ignore the mistake that had happened and to re-launch t by airdropping it in another attempt.

The community disapproved of it and was reluctant to go along with Duffield’s suggestion and hence he had no option but to let the issue go and the mined coins were distributed on cryptocurrency exchanges in the following months at very low prices.  

This does not mean that the concept of cryptocurrency is in the doldrums on the contrary it has grown in leaps and bounds with Dash turning the corner with a market capitulation of US $ 6.5 billion.

How did DASH become a large cryptocurrency?

The major advantage with DASH is its simplicity, you could just transfer any amount to anyone you like without a bank or a third party involvement.

DASH has the fastest time for completion of online transactions which would take just an unbelievable FOUR SECONDS whilst the top player, Bitcoin would take about TEN MINUTES to complete a similar transaction.

The other major benefit with DASH is its low transaction fee which is just a meager US $ 0.40 compared to the exorbitant US $ 6.00 fee that is charged by Bitcoin.

DASH has a voting system making the whole operation very transparent and flexible with any changes, if required being implemented quickly.

The self-funding program employed by DASH also helps it to be more user friendly with 45% of funds distributed among the miners, another 45% going to the master nodes which are the server points.

The balance 10% is deposited in the DASH treasury for operational requirements especially marketing, development team, customer support centers, and other costs.

It is these unique benefits that have brought DASH into the forefront in the short period that it has been active in the cryptocurrency market place and is looking towards, enhancing market capitulation and surging forward to give the bigger players a good run for their “digital monies.”   

Why Dash is considered as the coin of the future?

Many people believe dash to be the coin of the future. That’s because it has got some unique features and applications. Here are some of the most prominent features of Dash, which tempt people to call it as the coin of the future.

  • Private Send and Insta Send

Slow transaction speeds are killing cryptocurrency transactions. Hence, it is important to look for effective methods in order to speed up the transactions. Dash provides ability to help people send coins instantly with features such as Private Send and Insta Send. While providing these features, Dash also operates according to the Blockchain standards.

  • Cheaper transactions

If you are looking forward to enjoy cheaper transactions with your cryptocurrency payments, Dash is a great option available for you to consider. In fact, most of the people tend to use it as an excellent alternative to the big currencies out there. The popularity of Dash has even increased with the dropping Bitcoin prices. Therefore, it can give life to a large number of investment opportunities.

  • Liquidity

Dash can be considered as one of the most prominent online exchanges. In fact, Dash is being accepted by all the affiliate online stores. Hence, you will be benefited by the liquidity of it as well.