How CanYa can help you if you’re a Business, Entrepreneur, or Someone Looking for Services

How CanYa can help you if you’re a Business, Entrepreneur, or Someone Looking for Services

With some much talk about the replacement of currency with digital ones, CanYa has been making excellent strides in the market.

What are the Core Features of CanYa?

It’s a peer-to-peer type of service that is compatible with Android and iOS applications as well as Beta website application; it operated as a marketplace that allows you to chat, customize alerts, calendars, VoIP, payment, booking directly, pricing options and job broadcasting as well.

If you’re a Client, here are some of the benefits that are available to you:

1.) Loading a CanYa digital wallet with CanYaCoins and other types of Cryptocurrencies

2.) Connect with local and international suppliers, and also make payments to the vendors without having to incur any other expenses. Since there is special emphasis on vendors who deal with home and digital services, CanYa will support many Peer-2-Peer services. In this scenario, the users will be able to curate and verify services with reviews that will benefit others.

If you’re a Service Provider, here are some of the benefits that are available to you:

1.) You will now be able to trade with CanYaCoins for your services and skills. As a service provider, you will be able to spend this currency on the application or exchange it into Bitcoin/ EtherWallet and send it to either.

2.) Now, suppliers will be able to advertise their service freely with the micro-local and global marketplace. There is a nominal fee that allows service providers to be able to enhance their status too. This is now providing entrepreneurs and single-person businesses engaged in skills trading the opportunity to trade freely and also receive exposure for their work.

How can you get a hold of a Can Token or CanYaCoin?

CanYa is now offering the public tokens that can be used within the platform. For now, the purpose of the Token remains as follows:

1.) For Vendors to take advantage of the premium features available in the app, this can be contributed on a monthly basis.

2.) You can even reward the users to take an active interest in partaking in the events within the platform. When they complete certain tasks in the eco-system, this can be used as a reward to incentivize them.

It can also be a medium of exchange that allows you to trade with CAN tokens. It can also store the value that will allow the merchants to retain the value in their wallet. This will allow the users to store their tokens locally in an open-source wallet. It will not use the user tokens or the private keys to these tokens. It will not also take deposits either. At present, CaYa is also assisting in the third party payments for Fiat.

Getting to Know your Customers

Rigorous checks on all its ICO Participants will be conducted by CanYa. This is done so that the following can be avoided:

1.) In the future, CanYa proposes to integrate the wallet service for on or off rails. With this, the customer will now be able to pay for the services by withdrawing payments and also pay for services using their bank accounts. When this does happen, they will require the AML/KYC checks, so it’s best to have a head start now.

2.)  The Marketplace for Cryptocurrency is slowly becoming saturated with a few activities that include ICO, because of this reason it’s becoming increasingly hard to differentiate between the legitimate projects. Since the ICO and company are legitimate, having a KYC in place will only increase its authenticity. The launch has taken place in Darwin in December 2016.

The platform address critical factors such as the Peer-2-Peer benefit so that both the suppliers and users can interact without the involvement of a middleman. While this will also decrease the costs of reducing the middle man and provide a secure environment where transactions can take place without any hindrance.

CanYa is service agnostic, meaning that it doesn’t have to be limited to particular product or service and can be used for an array of products, that are licensed services or just casual per-hour jobs. At present, it has two hundred types of services with about four hundred skills listed by providers. For instance, this service can extend to on-time jobs, on-going, or even group bookings for tasks.