CyberTrust – Introducing Institutional Investors within Cryptomarket

CyberTrust – Introducing Institutional Investors within Cryptomarket

There are few entities, which can provide an excellent assistance to you with taking your cryptocurrency investments to the next level. CyberTrust can be considered as a perfect example for such an entity. They can help you to venture into cryptocurrency investments through the concept of digital assets. This is a unique and an innovative concept, which has received a lot of attention. There is a high potential for you to make a significant amount of money out of this approach as well. Therefore, it is worth to take a look at CyberTrust and what it has got to offer you.,

At CyberTrust, we bring your BitCoins value. We convert it into securities so that financial institutions like banks can use cryptocurrencies with their existing security and IT infrastructure.

What is a Cabs Token?

It is a standard for Ethereum tokens. That’s the most recognized way of converting digital assets to crypto securities through securitization platforms. It can be regarded as a utility token and access key.

What is a Digital Asset?

At the outset, we will only work using Bitcoin cash, Ethereum, and Bitcoin. Our plan is to add digital assets to the latter part of 2018.

Understand What a Crypto Derivative Is

This is one that has clear tax implications, titled, and has auditable ownership. It also has risk-free clearing and settlement.

The question that arises from this is to ask why anyone would need Crypto Derivative security. There are three main functionalities of this; they are:

1. To hold assets

2. Buy and Sell or to Arbitrage

3. To create Financial Products

Let’s look at each of these three elements to understand their functionalities better.

Holding Assets

  • It’s hassle free
  • It has hyper-security solutions
  • It has risk free clearing
  • Risk-free settlement
  • Judicial and regulatory oversight
  • Tax impact is clear
  • It has titled ownership
  • It is auditable
  • It can be inherited

Buy and Sell or to Arbitrage

  • There is opportunity to arbitrage between raw and crypto notes
  • Can be settled in a banking system that is traditional
  • The regulatory framework resided within AML/KYC
  • There is a clear tax impact

To create Financial Products

  • The user is able to earn profits from selling
  • The user is able to earn profits on asset management
  • Asset managers are provided with a hedge to protect against meltdown

As a part of the solutions from CyberTrust who invested much of their time and energy in formulating this, has come up with the following.

  • To convert Cryptocurrency to a form of security claim
  • To created GCN or Global Crypto Notes so that each owner of this would have a legal claim to it.
  • To create three types of Vehicles each for ETH, BCH 1 2 and BTC
  • To provide storage that is off-chain
  • To inculcate a chain of International Securities
  • Personalised Identifications
  • All settlement and clearing is to be provided by Clearstream, which is known as a ‘bank of banks’ to allow legally compliant trade clearance

With such assets the opportunities are limitless. There is an opportunity of almost two million shares with Grayscale BIT. The total value of it is said to be US 1.3 billion dollars. In October ’17, the shares traded will be eighty-five to ninety-five percent of the premium. The Grayscale is titled, auditable, and is only forty-nine percent of the Cryptocurrency market. It is an asset that is amongst the top ten currencies in the world.


There is an opportunity in the world of Cryptocurrency; this is certain reshaping the way we transact and trade. With legal backup, it is becoming more popular.